It is now well and truly established, that the largest burden of disease in terms of prevalence and cost is musculoskeletal pain (muscles, bones and nerves).

Within this, low back pain is the largest proportion, hence the significant amount of research that goes into it. Yet in my lifetime, the problem is becoming steadily worse.

This is the reason why I am involved in the clinical research, to try and understand what we can do in simple terms to change this pattern.

My observations now show me that poor understanding, over treatment, ineffective treatment and a huge market for selling rubbish to people are at the centre of this express train to nowhere.

The health care world has made the rest of the world so scared of low back pain that people seek a solution that doesn’t exist.

That is to say, pain is normal, healthy and natural. For a proportion of the population it can be debilitating, but for the majority, it should not be. Maybe we need to live with it like we do headaches and tummy aches?

I wonder what your thoughts are?