As they say, what’s the point in earning a heap of dough, if it ends up getting spent on health care later in life.

2020 has presented us with some challenges and presented many folks with the hard truths of how the human body and mind cope when not able to access typical routine.

Further research has come to light in the past 12 months also around best practice management for a variety of health conditions and complaints, which point to these 3 basic tenets of good self health care.

  1. Work on your sleep. The exact number of hours is unknown, but the quality of sleep that you get is important. If you don’t feel refreshed in your waking day, this can be a negative for your health. Get your phone out of your room, get some routine if you can, and train your system to switch off and rest well at night.
  2. Move, for goodness sake. Do something 5 times a week, for around 30 minutes, that makes you puff and sweat. Doesn’t matter how, where or when. Just get it done.
  3. Keep your mood as balanced as you can. Those stress hormones that pump through your system when you are uncertain, anxious and stressed can be unhelpful in the long run. Try and roster in things to your day and week that help your central nervous system switch down a notch or two.

Hey, you never know. In the right dosage, each of these 3 factors can positively influence the others.

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