I have spent the last 3 years working on a nation wide trial into management of disabling low back pain in Australia. The data has not yet been collected nor published, so this insight is purely based on my experience working with these individuals, as well as evaluating other patients in this period who were not involved in the trial.

The most outstanding features from my point of view are these;

  1. People are often frightened of lower back pain and the possible implications that may be ahead
  2. This fear is often as a result of community based messages, stories from others (friends, family members, colleagues), or previous experiences
  3. This fear if very often as a result of messages from health professionals
  4. People who are apprehensive or uncertain about what is happening inside their bodies are more likely to adopt protective behaviours and avoid activities that are important to them
  5. These protective behaviours often result in a vicious cycle of deteriorating health, function and pain symptoms
  6. For a huge proportion of people, this is entirely reversible

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