Chris is a physio with 13 years of clinical experience having graduated from Curtin University in 2005. His passion for physiotherapy is evident and he is constantly updating his practice to align with the current available evidence and research. He is particularly interested in the management of complex and persistent pain conditions and has developed further insight into the challenging nature of these conditions by completing post graduate studies in Pain Management through the University of Sydney.

 Chris takes his time to understand his client’s condition and the impact this is having on their life. He strongly believes that providing a clear understanding of one’s pain, as well as working with the client to develop a concise and structured rehabilitation pathway, is vital to a successful outcome. In addition to this, he will use hands on therapy as well as graduated strengthening and movement based exercise programs, which are aimed at specific goals and targets of the client.

Chris is available in Mosman Park for appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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