Alright everyone, here we go! The video series is up and running and we are getting in the zone to prepare for the demands of the next ski trip.


The idea is to get to the snow this time in better shape than ever so that you can get stuck into it with the confidence of your fitness and conditioning being where it needs to be.


We have some great content coming your way and lots of useful tips for you to put to use on your snow trip.



  • Get in the zone and start thinking differently about this year’s trip. This will be the best one yet!
  • Get your body in gear for the progression of exercise and strength work we are going to get into
  • Start thinking about cardio. This means 30 minutes of activity that gets you puffing and sweating. This will become bigger focus as the program goes on, so get started!

Cycling, Rowing, Walking, Running, Swimming are all easy options to get the cardio going this week

  • Consider if you need to start planning your equipment health as well as your physical health! Get in touch with Mainpeak for discounts through the Ski Fit Network



  1. Strength work 3-5 times this week
  2. Cardio 2-3 times this week



Let me know where you’re going and let’s get the Network working for you.


Let’s do this!