It has now been 2 years since the foundation of the Ski Fit Network, a project designed to reduce injury to Perth based snow riders.

We know that injury risk in this population is increased by multiple factors;

1. Physical conditioning and tolerance to the intended activity
2. Coordination and proprioceptive conditioning
3. Fatigue from travel
4. Pressure to fulfil value for money obligations

Further contributing factors to injury on the snow include, but are not limited to;

– The accompanying activities on a holiday, which may increase fatigue levels
– Reduced knowledge and understanding of the destination and terrain
– Insufficient time to accommodate to the conditions
– The physical and psychological demands resulting from the pre-holiday pressures of daily life

So. This is where the preventative management is directed.

From what we have discovered in the past 2 years, we know that Perth locals like to travel to Japan, New Zealand, France and Europe, Canada and the Eastern States of Australia. Each destination has it’s own demands and challenges.

We know that Perth locals are likely to be injured on Day 3, or the Final Day of their trip.

We know that Skiers are more likely to suffer lower limb injuries, in particular knee injuries. Whereas, Snowboarders are more likely to suffer upper limb and spinal injuries.

We also know that Perth locals, due to our isolation, may only be able to travel to the snow less frequently than once a year, and that conditioning preparation is limited or absent for a large proportion on this group…

And that correlates with injury.

The continuation and expansion of the Ski Physio message is directed at increasing awareness and participation in preparatory conditioning and adequate physical preparation.


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