It has been an exceptional season in the Northern Hemisphere this year, with incredible snowfall in Europe, North America and Japan of course.


Being the most popular destinations for our local snow riders, there has been a mass exodus at short notice this year to the slopes. I don’t blame you, I am desperate to get there but will have to wait until our winter arrives.


The report from our Ski Fit Network partners is that this influx of last minute decisions to get in the snow quickly, has resulted in insufficient preparations and hence, increases in fatigue and conditioning related injuries.


There is also now a trend towards more people taking up skiing in preference to snow boarding as has been the case for the past few years. There are greater inherent risks of injury to knees and ankles in this discipline, and the lack of preparation is equating to more lower limb injuries and ACL specific injuries this season.


Don’t risk it! Get a Fitness Assessment done before you fly. Even 2 weeks will be enough time to put the right plan in place to get your conditioning and tolerance up before you hit the snow.


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