Earlier in 2015, I commenced my mission to discover the best Physiotherapists in ski fields and towns around the world. My primary interest is connecting with Physios and health professionals in locations where we Western Australians spend most of our time on the snow.

First stop was Queenstown (see first-stop-queenstown/ ) and this week I am in Japan. More specifically, in Hirafu Village, Hokkaido, one of the most desirable spots for West Aussies to hit the snow.

Hokkaiido Snow

Some of the best, freshest snow is found on Hokkaido

So, why is it so desirable? Three things; Proximity, Affordability and Quality. Because, seriously, the snow here is second to none as far as I’m concerned. The travel time is more manageable than Europe or Northern America, and it is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the larger resorts around the world.

As a result, there are a considerable amount of tourists here seeking that beautiful, deep, fresh powder this place is so famous for. And the trend is currently for more and more Australians, and Western Australians to be heading in this direction.

I have visited Niseko and Hirafu previously and am loving being here again to consolidate my knowledge of the area and the ski fields. I solidly recommend this place if you are into snow sports, it really is quite remarkable. As I sit here now, we have had over 48 hours of heavy, consistent snowfall. Far outweighing the weather forecasters’ predictions.


I have also spent many years treating Perth locals who have come unstuck over here. Again, as I spend more time in this area of specialty it is clear to see that knee ligament injuries, shoulder injuries, wrist injuries and fractures are the most common complaints.

So I have spent time with the team at Niseko Physio and Niseko Massage to get a better idea on how things are done here and the best way to get your injuries managed whilst in this neck of the woods.



Niseko Physiotherapy Building

The clinic is central and well serviced by capable, English speaking clinicians. They are all well versed in the management and diagnosis of all ski related, and non ski related injuries. Bevan and the team have everything covered.

James and Bevan

In fact, two of my counterparts on this trip have injured themselves already so we were able to have some real life access to the treatment and investigation options available.


A pair of swollen hands

Time spent in Thermal Baths (Onsens) can promote more swelling and make diagnosis a little trickier

There was a potential need for an XRay for one of my friends. We were able to get straight in to see the team at Niseko Physio and not only learn where and when we needed to be to get an XRay at the Hospital in Kutchan, 8 km away, but even better, reinforce my diagnosis and avoid the need for an XRay anyway (and time, money, and the frustration of waiting in hospitals).


James uses his diagnostic skills on a suspected broken leg

Always on the Job!

This is what it’s all about.  A network of reliable, capable Physios around the world to save time, distress and costs associated with overseas health care.


For more advice and guidance when in the snow, email us at info@inclinicphysiotherapy.com.au, and visit the Ski Hub.