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Channel Chasing for a Reason

If you know us at In Clinic Physio, you know we like a challenge. Join us on our next journey towards the Molokai to Oahu Channel Crossing in 2020. We are raising funds for charity and have a lot of work to do to prepare and be accepted into the race. The mighty...

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Buffering your own System

I talk about Endorphins quite a lot in my day. After all, they can be quite useful and I see a lot of people in my day who could use a few of them.   These bad boys are produced in your brainstem, at the top of your spinal cord and have the ability to modulate a...

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My Core Values

It's certainly an interesting time in health fitness and musculoskeletal pain management. These spaces evolve so rapidly, it’s quite difficult to keep up sometimes.     I become aware of how my head gets committed to a space for the sake of necessity, in...

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The Pain Revolution

If you're familiar with my thoughts, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of over-servicing and provision of poor quality care in our health world. My career thus far has taken me through many different stages and iterations of physiotherapy and I have been able to find...

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What’s the big deal, really?

Look, I get it, low back pain can be bloody uncomfortable. It can be bloody inconvenient and it can be for some, quite scary.   I get that. I've been there. I've experienced back pain in many forms. Traumatic. Non traumatic. Nerve injuries. Over training. All...

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Getting Moving in Perth

A common barrier to activity is time. I am often told that people do not have enough time to exercise. I understand that time is a big limiting factor, but I also understand that movement and exercise is an essential element of health maintenance and warding off...

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The only thing we have to fear is…

The more time passes, the more I see how influential this emotion is in the way the human body behaves. Fear is controlled by the amygdala, deep in your brain. It is an influential little guy. It has the power to bring emotional tags and memories of fears to the...

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