It’s been one of the most common questions I’ve been asked as a Physio during my career. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I often am asked my opinion on other forms of Healthcare and treatment, which you can see in my post “What’s the Deal with Physios and Chiros?”. As I mention there, I don’t really have the footing to make educated comments on treatments I don’t have experience in, but I can speak on the topic of Physiotherapy and why I think this profession can offer you a LOT in the way of helping you look after yourself.

So here are a few points to consider when you are making the decision on who to have help you out;

1. Physiotherapists complete a rigorous 4 year University degree, which includes extensive practical learning, so that a Graduate has a vast array of management strategies to help, this is exponentially increased as a Physio develops their career.

2. Physios in Australia have a strict requirement to maintain a substantial, documented amount of Professional Development each year just to keep their registration as a practising professional.

3. Physio students learn more about Anatomy and the Human body than almost all University students.

4. Physiotherapy is a profession based on clinical and scientific evidence that is constantly evolving, that means, not only will a Physio offer you the most supported and current care, Physios also have access to an extensive database of information and clinical research which can be accessible to you to as a patient, through your Physio.

5. The Physiotherapy profession is HUGE. You will find our kind in clinics, hospital wards, Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, Sporting Clubs and Nursing Homes. Furthermore, you will find them working with children, the elderly, trauma patients, stroke and spinal injuries, cardiology….the list goes on and on.

6. Physios in Australia can refer you for XRays, MRIs, Ultrasounds and Injections if it is needed.

7. Physios are expert in all things relating to the Human muscular, neural and skeletal systems. So much so, that they can be the best diagnosticians in the Healthcare world, and can make the decision on what is the best direction for your management.

8. Physios are experts in managing your body in the context of your individual lifestyle needs and demands.

9. Physios are experts in Communication. An absolute must when it comes to your healthcare.

10. Physios are accessible. We are ready and eager to help whenever you need.

So, next time you are unsure on the best discipline to help with your injury or concern, you should really consider Physiotherapy as your primary port of call.