Over the years I’ve spent in this profession, it has become plain to see that new fads, health care crazes, diets, cures and pills are always going to present themselves, based on some sort of flimsy evidence or backed by an elaborate cross-media maketing barrage.

I have a very hard time keeping up with it, but I find it important to make myself as aware as I possibly can about what is out there, because I inevitably will be asked by someone what my thoughts are. And I am very, very aware, and equally cautious in the knowledge that for some people I speak to, my opinion may be considered valuable to them.

So I find myself in a position, where there is so much information around, that it becomes very challenging to filter it out and get to the information that I consider to be useful, and founded. But then and most importantly, I must recognise, that my opinion is not the only one, and it should certainly not be the most important one.

But what I see more and more now, is that the sheer busyness of life and the skewed hierarchy of our modern day priorities, means that a lot of people are willing to put all their trust into an opinion provided by someone else when it comes to health and body. This leads to a lesser and lesser degree of independence and self awareness in health, body and mind care. And this in turn leads to desperate, or automated measures in health care.

So my challenge to everyone out there, including my patients, is to take a moment to think about what it is you are being told, or instructed, and think if it is really right for YOU. No one knows your body better than yourself. Empower yourself by asking questions of your health care or fitness professional and get back in the driver’s seat!


Get In Clinic, Get Better, Get On With Life!