Each year, Perth is host to the World’s longest open water swimming race, the Rottnest Island Channel Swim. The race is 19.7km from Cottesloe Beach to Thomson’s Bay on Rottnest, and can be completed as an individual competitor, a duo or a team of four, wherein which you can rotate your time in the water as frequently as your team desires.


This year was our 5th crossing and was as per usual filled with intensity, excitement, sharks, swell and fun. It took our team 5:16:00 to cross, with a typical finishing time being anywhere from 4 hours to 7 hours.

For anyone who has the desire to take on a challenge that requires fitness, preparation, planning, and a fulfilling sense of achievement, I recommend this no end. In my opinion, if you are able to swim 1km non stop in a pool, you will be able to complete the crossing in a team of four.


Challenge yourself, give yourself a reason to keep active through the year and try something extraordinary.


For more tips, or help preparing, get in touch.


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