There’s no need for me to tell anyone how important exercise and looking after your body and your injuries is. I like to think everybody knows that to some degree. I mean, in the end, what can we really achieve in life without health? I often see that the goals people set in their lives neglect the most important element. Yet those same people always seem to understand the importance of that which they neglect.

We live in a busy world. And here in  Western Australia, it can sometimes feel like that on steroids (so to speak). I know, we all know. I work 3 jobs. I work nights and weekends. I understand what it’s like to feel stretched and not even want to think about doing the house work let alone exercising. It’s a slippery slope though when it comes to health care.

There is now a substantial body of evidence available to indicate the detriments of lack of sleep, lack of exercise and prolonged elevated levels of particular chemicals and hormones associated with these states. Anything from irritability, to substantially elevated levels of pain can be the result. The good news is there is an equivocal body of evidence to show the reverse benefits by getting enough of the good stuff.

So, I hear very, very frequently – “I don’t have time,” “I’m too busy,” or any other number of manifestations of this. Even more surprising to me is when I hear that from a patient who has taken time to come and see me. There’s clearly a need to change if you’re seeing me to help, so you DO have time. You’ve already proved it.

For those of you who are not aware, here in the North West of Australia, we mine. We mine day and night. These people work HARD and they work bizarre hours and long shifts. They certainly work harder than a lot of folks. (I know city and country folks work hard too). Yet plenty of these people exercise regularly and take care of themselves from a health perspective. And let me make it clear, this is no indication of income, access to resources or anything else of that nature. I say that because firstly, plenty of them don’t exercise, and furthermore, plenty of folks in the city have a lot more access to the right resources, and, they are not expensive at all.

So my thought?…This is all relative to Motivation. What drives you, how well do you know your body, and how important is your health, physical and mental wellbeing?

I think it is clear that life, goals, achievement, and so many other benefits are only truly attainable by looking after the most important thing in your life – yourself.

So no more excuses. Speak with your health or fitness professional that you trust, and learn your motivation, set the right goals, and learn that there is a way!

Get In Clinic, Get Better, Get On With Life!