Have you ever wondered what the real story is? I would say this has been one of the most asked questions in my career so far. It’s a great question, so I thought I would blog my response here to help with understanding the perspective of a Physio.

I believe in the professional service that I offer, because I know it is backed by extensive clinical research and evidence. I have spent many years learning and expanding on my knowledge of the evidence based practice I provide. This is very, very important to me. I like to know that I can direct my patients to a source of thorough scientific evidence for the things I do and teach if they would like to know more.

But does that mean it’s important to everyone? No, and nor should it be in my opinion. Every person is different, and as I’ve discussed earlier, autonomy in health and wellness is critical.

I believe there is a public misconception that Physios and Chiros despise each other and look for any opportunity to criticise each other’s profession. For me, this is not true. In fact I work with Chiropractic practitioners regularly, and they are great people, and their patients appreciate the service they receive.

I am in no position to analyse their profession, as I don’t practice or learn in their methods. However I remain very vigiliant that I am not either in a position to impose my beliefs onto anyone.

I think it’s great that people find benefit and relief from many different health disciplines. That is the beauty of free will and autonomy. I know my service and my profession doesn’t help some people, and I’m ok with that. But I can always say that I provided care with the best clinical evidence I could.

So, my advice? Regardless of what treatment you seek – medical, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy or any of the other myriad out there – make sure you know what is being done to your body or taught to you, and why. Ask questions, increase your understanding and make sure it’s right for you!