If you’re familiar with my thoughts, you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of over-servicing and provision of poor quality care in our health world.

My career thus far has taken me through many different stages and iterations of physiotherapy and I have been able to find me feet as a result of the variety of exposure. What sticks out the most, is how individual each one of us is and how important it is to find individually directed plans for each person at any given time.

Inversely, it troubles me when we try to make everyone fit into the same box of treatment, or medication, or diet, or exercise. People then seem so surprised and often distressed when the “cure all” didn’t cure them. I understand this, and I see it as a fault of the industries that drive the messages to the public.

I’m afraid there is so much garbage information around, that it’s no surprise to me that people get distressed and worried.

There is no cure for back pain. Back pain is a part of life. The way in which we deal with it is the key. And that goes for all musculoskeletal pain.

We have been conditioned to fear pain, instead of seeing it as a natural, normal, helpful part of our body systems.

The Explain Pain course that I attended over the weekend is based on the same principles, which are shared by a growing number of professionals across the world. Moving away from money driven, rarely successful treatments and expensive placebos, towards evidence based, individually driven treatment.

For more information, check out Noi Group, Body in Mind and Pain-ed to see what we’re all about.

Watch this space 🙂