Within the following 3 days of my back strain, I felt like I was getting on top of things as per usual. I still had some stiffness, but it felt to me that this would be a resolving complaint and that if I took a couple of days more rest, things would be ok. Right? I mean, sure why not, that’s a fairly typical outcome with these sorts of things, and not necessarily a lot different to what I might have advised a patient of mine to do.


Move, Relax, use pain relief as needed and don’t put too much pressure on yourself physically or mentally. Cool.


In fact, by that weekend, 6 days later, I was running again. It was sore and stiff, but I have experienced that before. I have rehabilitated myself from plenty of running injuries before, so I approached this one in a similar fashion. Easy, grass run. May 22nd. I was pretty happy with that.


So naturally, I thought to myself. Ok, I’ve got this, I will just go steadily and ease back into it. The instagram story tells the tale of normal confidence and progression. And I was quite ok with that.


Now, what needs to be known about me, is that I am generally a pretty bad patient. I like to push my boundaries and see what is possible, what will be good, what will be detrimental. I do this, so that I can give my patients better advice when they are injured. Fair? Yeah, I think so…What is also needed to be known about me, is that I get bored veeerrrryyyy easily. So sitting around in the evening after work not being able to exercise is not  great way to spend my time.


With that in mind, I thought it was time to get my bike out of the shed and set up my indoor trainer. Typically, with appropriate load management, this can be a reasonable rehab tool for back pain. The weather in may was cold, and I hadn’t been on the bike for several months, so I set up as warmly as I could, set up my computer to keep me occupied, and got pedalling.



So look, it all felt OK. I was listening to my body’s language and it was familiar to me. I was enjoying the process of recovery and testing new ways to manage my tightness and soreness, but it was nothing out of the ordinary really. I remembered feeling a little tight on my right side on the bike on one occasion, but this didn’t concern me. I elevated my seat a fraction which seemed to help, and that was that.


Essentially, things felt so good and normal for me, that by the 28th May, I was back in the gym with my mates, lifting weights again. Beautiful!



So good in fact, that I got out and did some solid plyometrics and running the following day May 29th. And made a video. If you watch this video, I was actually doing pretty well.



All good? Well, wait for the next instalment 🙂


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