So, following making my Ski Fit video, I got home and did some housework, including climbing on the roof to fix an aerial for the television.All in all, it was a very physical weekend and I was feeling great. I remember thinking about how closely walking the ridge cap of the house was so similar to climbing along a mountain peak. Which is what I had already planned and booked for August, in New Zealand.


The following day, I experienced muscle soreness like I had never experienced before. My legs were absolutely exhausted and agonisingly sore. Imagine DOMS x 100. I could barely walk. This all seemed a little unusual for me. It just seemed to be too much. It was like I had a viral infection without any other symptoms, just extreme muscle soreness.


Now again, a reminder of the physical and emotional situation I was in at the time helps to shed light on the term “Pre-Sensitisation”. I was working over 70 hours a week. I was working in the clinics. I was trying to open a second business site. I was training daily. I was sleeping poorly. I was stressed and anxious, trying to keep everything together. We have some great information available regarding the impact of all these elements on the ability of our immune system to keep us protected. We often see these factors impacting recovery once an injury has occurred. But the term pre-sensitisation relates to how these factors can contribute to injury before it even occurs.


I later discovered this was me.


In short, the following week was a deterioration of symptoms that did not respond to any of the expected treatment methods I utilised. Activity pain turned to relentless aching over the next few days. I tried to stretch and mobilise myself. In fact, I later also discovered that the elevated height on my bike had also contributed to irritating a background nerve irritation.


On the following Friday morning, I woke up and couldn’t stand up. I had an instant, searing pain into my right leg and I could not move my foot. Frightening? You bet your butt it was. that, and excruciatingly painful together. The next step was having to call in a heap of favours and get an emergency MRI. Not the way I like to start my Fridays.