On May 16th 2016, I sprained my lower back. I was running with a friend, who is a very handy runner, and pushed myself a little too far. I was already stiff prior to the run after a long week of work and training, but I decided I knew what I was doing, and got on with it.


I’ve worked as a Physiotherapist for 10 years. As a teenager, I had a significant injury playing Rugby Union which sidelined me for some time. It was a process of education and rehabilitation that ultimately would help me treat my future patients better. The same injury recurred a few years later which sidelined me again for 6 months, but I again was able to return to elite level Rugby Union with the right rehabilitation process.


As a result of this degree of experience, I naturally thought I had this one under control as well. And as you can see in this video, made the day after, I was sore, very sore, but felt like I knew exactly what was going on.


As time went by, I recognised that what I was dealing with, was in fact quite different to what I had previously experienced. It would prove to be a very frightening and uncertain injury process for me, from which I would be forced to change the way I think about caring for injuries.


I will outline the process in coming entries, as it is too much info to throw down in one. Follow with me for strategies, education and resources along the way to help you achieve a greater understanding of how you might be able to manage your injury most effectively.


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