Look, I get it, low back pain can be bloody uncomfortable. It can be bloody inconvenient and it can be for some, quite scary.


I get that. I’ve been there. I’ve experienced back pain in many forms. Traumatic. Non traumatic. Nerve injuries. Over training. All sorts. All sorts of scary sounding stuff.


And that’s a big reality for us. That back pain and the things involved have been made out to be so darn sinister, so darn untrustworthy, so darn weak and vulnerable, that before you even have back pain, your worry is potentially predetermined.


What I mean to say is that our beliefs and fears about what back pain might mean (surgery, wheel chairs, loss of lifestyle) drive some significant issues for folks. It sucks. And it’s not your fault.


We’ve been conditioned to believe this stuff. Sit up straight, don’t bend your back, keep your spine straight. Common messages that stick like glue and impact people considerably. Often being more of a problem than the strain you had in the first place.


Evidence tells us that less than 3% of acute lower back pain is associated with serious pathology. Less than 8% of acute lower back pain needs significant intervention. The rest, it seems will respond just like any sore body part. It needs very little help. All the potions and treatments available are here to convince you that you won’t get better without them.


So. If it hurts, relax. Don’t stress. Even if you can’t put your finger on why it’s sore. Give yourself 72 hours and move as much as you feel happy to. use pain killers if you need. Basic ones will do. Get some rest at night. If it’s getting worse or not improving, let me know. If it’s improving, perfect, you’ll do well.